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2016 Rocky Mountain LoopFest - Live Stream URL and artist info

Hey y'all,

Just a quick note.  The regional showcase, The Rocky Mountain LoopFest
will be broadcast live from Denver, CO at from the King Center Recital
Hall at the University of Denver on Saturday 9/24.

Artists are almost exclusively from Colorado except for me, The Electric
Noodle from San Francisco, CA (played 2015 loopfests), Thawind Mills out
of Austin, TX, and Dr. Robert Matheson from St. George, Utah.   There are
no international participants.

The live stream is here:
Watch the concert live at

Schedule: Mountain Standard Time

Thawind Mills - Austin, TX 5pm
Josie Quick - Denver, CO 5:30pm
Christopher Ryan - Lakewood, CO 6pm
The Electric Noodle - San Francisco, CA 6:30pm
Noah Peterson - San Antonio, TX 7pm
Robert Matheson - St. George, UT 7:30pm
Subtleties - Fort Collins, CO 8pm
Jake Edwards - Denver, CO - 8:30pm
Mister Tim - Denver, CO - 9pm
Lysergian Sound Diplomats - Denver, CO 9:30pm


Thawind Mills from Austin, TX - I'm a nationally touring singer/songwriter
out of Austin, TX. I make loops on the fly. I perform against them and do
musical entertainment.

Josie Quick from Denver, CO - Starting simply, Josie Quick creates her own
string orchestra with a single electric violin. With the use of live
looping she can sound like a blues band, other times like an African
marimba ensemble. Her wide musical influences and various techniques
create an ocean of sound, providing the perfect accompaniment to her
spontaneous improvisations.

Christopher Ryan from Lakewood, CO - Rhythm and melody based looping. 
Live percussion (Drums, cymbal, etc.) and digital percussion combine with
guitar, vocals and effects to create songs rooted in the acoustic world
but with their own unique feel.  Song styles range from folk to hip hop.

The Electric Noodle from San Francisco, CA - LOUD!

Noah Peterson from San Antonio, TX - This show is a presentation of
original music arranged for sax and loop station.  Funky jams, bluesy
grooves, and tropical tunes are cleverly stacked before your very ears as
you witness a hot, funky, mess of music - it's Sax-a-loop-a-Liscious!

Robert Matheson from St. George, UT - Robert Matheson performs solo works
for double bass and computer. Seeking a more fluid interaction between
acoustic and electro-acoustic music, he designed and built the MIDI bass.
His setup allows him to perform live electro-acoustic music while
maintaining the integrity of the natural, acoustic sound of the bass.
Robert holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts degree in bass performance from
the University of Arizona where he studied with Patrick Neher. He has
performed with ensembles representing a wide range of musical genres,
including the Ironwood Duo, Portable Masterpieces, and the Tucson Chamber
Orchestra. He teaches at Dixie State University and performs in the
orchestra at Tuacahn Center for the Arts.

Subtleties from Fort Collins, CO - I incorporate a mixture of guitar loops
and drum loops to form structured songs.

Jake Edwards from Denver, CO - My performance is pretty simple-I loop all
the percussion on my guitar along with rhythm and sing and play leads.

Mister Tim from Denver, CO - Organic indie rock, infused with soul, funk,
electronica, americana, singer-songwriter, and progressive beatbox hip-hop
cerebral PEW PEW PEW... ... completely from the mouth of Mister Tim.
Live-looping beats, bass, melodies, harmonies, fx, and "instruments" with
one mouth and one microphone. Blending classical training
(opera/classical/choral/jazz voice, trumpet, French horn, choral
conducting) and decades of immersed-in-everything street training (musical
theater, improv comedy, ska/funk/jazz/rock/folk bands, street theater,
drum ensembles...) with a unique storytelling voice that is at turns
quirky, dark, contemplative, angry, angsty, and odd.

Lysergian Sound Diplomats from Boulder, CO - The Diplomats come in peace.
Proud ambassadors of Lysergia. Lysergia is Earth?s sister planet located
on the opposite side of the Milky Way galaxy. Their ships are often
spotted on helioviewer entering and exiting our solar system from the
center of the sun. Lot?s of people have visited Lysergia by using
dimension bending, mind expanding, chi (Qi) enhancing practices. Their
show?s are packed full of crazy music technology that release intense
sound often referred to as light sabers synthesizers. They communicate via
their music and are the epitome of ?being able to see sounds? or ?feel,
tastes colors.?

I hope you'll tune in and watch.


Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209