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Clips of my upcoming experimental/collage album now available on AnyAudio

Hello, loopers! In January, I started working on a new album, Choice
Samples Mixtape, under the alias Mini Nifty. Those of you who are
members of the Sample Junkies Anonymous Facebook group have already
heard a track from it called Images of Believing. Basically, they are
sample-based tracks, making use of sound found in my collection of
CD's, tapes and downloads; movies, TV, radio, famous songs, obscure
songs that got passed around on underground tapes; it is considered
sound collage, a.k.a. sample-based music. This sample cut-up music is
in no way intended to infringe; I use sampling to pay tribute to
music, movies and more. My DJ sampling name is Mini Nifty, so that is
why my page on AnyAudio is called the Mini Nifty page. My most famous
track by far is Images of Believing, which contains dozens of clips of
people saying, or singing, the word "believe". "I'm a Believer",
"Don't Stop Believing", "I Believe I Can Fly", some songs simply
called "Believe", and some clips from movies such as The Wizard of Oz
(1939) and South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999). Other tracks
include Ring Ring, a tribute to telephones, and especially but not
specifically comedy sketches related to telephones. Welcome to the
Tape was my first ever sample-based track, which was designed as an
introduction to my sample-based work! So I knew I was going to be
creating a lot of cut-ups from the get-go, so I said to myself, why
not have my first one be an intro to the ones I do in the future? So
if you like Wayne Butane, or if you don't know who that is,
Negativland, if you don't know who that is, if you like the sound of
songs, movies broadcasts, podcasts and any other kind of recorded
audio all put together to form an audio-painting, listen to the Mini
Nifty tracks on AnyAudio! Several new ones come out every month, so
keep checking back! I have been unsubscribed from this list for some
time, so I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of the Mini
Nifty sample tracks. Seriously, my voice and my keyboard are never
heard in these tracks; they are 100% made of existing recordings! I
have many stacks of CD's, several boxes of tapes, and enough downloads
to fill my 64 gigabyte thumb drive (plus a few backup thumb drives
with smaller capacity, such as 4 gigabyte and 8 gigabyte), so I have a
lot to choose from when cutting up audio! Thank goodness it's not the
1990s when Wayne Butane was big; he had to use a tape deck to do this!
I use Audacity, thankfully! Here is the link to my sample-based
Mini Nifty