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NW LoopFest

Hey All,

Sorry for the livestream not working for Rocky Mountain LoopFest. I did
get several messages asking about it.

First it was a no you can't, then it was a yes you can, then it was two
hours of not getting it working and running around like a crazy person.
And then it was time to let it go and put the event on.

Anyway.................... NW will be broadcast, SoCal will NOT be
broadcast, Texas will be broadcast.

The LoopFest returns for it's 5th year.  After the 4 day, 3 city event
last year, the 2016 event is going to be a more intimate affair.  All
performances on Oct 8th at, the Musicians Union, 325 NE 20th, Portland,
OR. $5 cover at the door.

The NW LoopFest is an electronic music presentation of artists who utilize
looping technologies.  Performers come from throughout the region with one
guest artist, Hideki Nakanishi aka Mandoman, from Japan and Daves Device,
an IPAD looping electronic/edm styled artist from San Antonio, TX. 
Artists will perform a variety of music on diverse technologies and with
an interesting array of instruments.

The concert will be streamed live at:

The official line-up:

Tyler Carson - Portland, OR 4pm
Professor Slicebox - Portland, OR 4:30pm
Arbor Daze - Portland, OR 5pm
Tim Scallon - Seattle, WA 5:30pm
Riley Tyrel Carter - Boardman, OR 6pm
Rock Forming Mineral - Eugene, OR 6:30pm
PhiloPhobia - Corvallis, OR 7pm
Jet Black Pearl - Portland, OR 7:30pm
Saundra's Electric Night - Newport, OR 8pm
Bodarc - Seattle, WA 8:30pm
litmus0001 - Vancouver, WA 9pm
ICONOPLASTY - Ashland, OR 9:30pm
Mandoman - Osaka, Japan, 10pm
Daves Device - San Antonio, TX 10:30pm


2016 Sponsors


Peterson Entertainment, Llc
999 East Basse Road #180-117
San Antonio, TX 78209