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Re: Delurk and request for feedback

I played your track while doing things around the house. I had trouble deciding whether it was supposed to be ominous or have a positive feel to it. It seemed to somewhat transition from one to the other mood. Part of that, as DogFaced Boy hinted, was the monastic vocal sounds. All that said, never did it sound like it wasn't good music; I liked it. It will be hard to know whether you are barking up the wrong tree if you don't describe the tree up which you are trying to bark. If you are wondering whether the music fits the slide show, for me, it did not. I didn't WATCH the whole thing, but if the visual/audio cohesion lost me early-on, that speaks for itself.

Rocky Jones

On 12/12/16 7:17 AM, STEVE BLAKEMORE wrote:
Hi everyone

I've been lurking on the list for a while now and feel confident enough to participate a bit.

I've put up onto YouTube my first public bit of looping.

I'm working on a long term project, taking a portable looping setup of laptop, sequencer, VSTs and Looping software out into nature and performing live synth pieces.

Here's the link:


The pictures are from the walk I did to get to the location and the view from the top of the hill. Very conveniently, the was a picnic table so setup and playing was quite easy and pleasant.

I'd welcome any feedback you can spare time to give.

Regardless, I'm planning to put up a lot of other pieces I've made this way for pubic perusal.

Thanks in advance to any of you who can spare a minute or 11 to give an opinion. Please be as honest as you can - if I'm barking up the wrong tree, tell me!

Steve B