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Delurk and request for feedback

Hi everyone

I've been lurking on the list for a while now and feel confident enough to participate a bit.

I've put up onto YouTube my first public bit of looping.

I'm working on a long term project, taking a portable looping setup of laptop, sequencer, VSTs and Looping software out into nature and performing live synth pieces.

Here's the link:


The pictures are from the walk I did to get to the location and the view from the top of the hill. Very conveniently, the was a picnic table so setup and playing was quite easy and pleasant.

I'd welcome any feedback you can spare time to give.

Regardless, I'm planning to put up a lot of other pieces I've made this way for pubic perusal.

Thanks in advance to any of you who can spare a minute or 11 to give an opinion. Please be as honest as you can - if I'm barking up the wrong tree, tell me!

Steve B