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Re: OT cheap modular synths

Hi Art

On 17 Dec 2016, at 23:45, Art Simon <simart@gmail.com> wrote:

Hey Mark,

Would you be willing to post pictures of your DIY modular system? Sounds cool!

I must take some newer pics, but heres a page on my site,
 its current status is the curved wooded thing you can see under construction. There are some pics showing the IKEA racks i mentioned, which is how i started. Not all of mine is DIY, but most of it, and all module now. There is occasionally modules i want that cannot be made by hand, then i save up and buy, often generating cash by selling modules ive made.
PAIA is pretty rubbish by todays standards actually, i have a couple of mixer/adsr/vca modules that are a bit hissy, but have a unique A curve on the envelope i like, but as kits, quite old school, lots of floating wiring, and +- 15 v psu instead of the usual +-12v. I would steer clear of Frac Rack, and stick to Euro. (though i keep 1 row of Frac mainly for the PAIA and 1module by Blacet called Binary Zone... a weird staircase sequencer)

And talking of sequencers, I have many, The deepest analog style is probably the Klee, not a beginners module, Synthrotek make a cute 8note, with some odd features, my latest build is a teeny 6HP 2 channel 16 note module, PRIZMA very deep lots of stuff like scale quantising, strange ping pong mode that ping pings based in a base number you choose so if you choose 3, you get notes thus: 12321234323454345654567- up to step 16 resulting in a sequence that repeats every... er... alot! 
But my absolute fave is the very wonderfull Turing machine sequencer, made of 5 seperate modules that work together and you can make seperately. Kind of a random note generator, which you lock on a sequence when something happens you like...