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Re: RC505 bumps , whats the best har

*Dear Jean-Philippe,

Very frequently,   hardware sits on the shelf at the warehouse or
at the store you purchased it from (whether online or not)
and is shipped without the latest firmware.

I've had this happen to me many, many times.

So, be sure and check your firmware on your unit and go to the Roland website and make sure they have exactly the same numbers even if the unit was just purchased.

Good luck,   Rick Walker

PS I second my brother's advice to check out the Loopers Delight page at Facebook groups and/or the livelooping.org website as there is much more traffic on those sites now than on the original L.D. Daily Digest.

*On 2/16/2017 3:53 PM, Loopers-Delight-d-request@loopers-delight.com wrote:
Jean-Philippe Rykiel <jprykiel@gmail.com <mailto:jprykiel@gmail.com>> wrote:

    Hi Mitchell,

    I'll check that, but I'm pretty sure I have the Latest firmware,
    as the unit has been purchased a week ago.