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Looping Drums

Hello folks,

I'm trying to incorporate a Wavedrum into my looping and I'm having some issues getting what I want that I thought those of you who are left here might be able to answer.

First off, I'm using Mobius in Live with a 1st gen softstep to control it (via Presonus Firestudio Mobile).

My issues are that the drum loops I record all seem very lumpy and stilted most of the time and while I assume almost all of that is due to user error I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to loop a really tight drum loop.  I think there is a touch of latency in the SS to Live route so I know I need to learn to compensate my timing but it still strange when I feel I've got a decent beat going, I loop it and then it sounds 'off' or wrong' and the life is gone.

So, a random shot to see if there is any advice beyond practice (which I will do, but if there are ways to make the practice more useful ....)



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