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Re: Looping Drums

Hi Kevin

Well, like you I use a softstep 1 to control mobius, among other things, but not too up on wavedrum or live! First advice would be to check out the mobius forums at http://www.circularlabs.com/forums/index.php, and search for both live & drum looping, also MIDI in live/mobius combinations.

I think you may find it better to connect mobius midi in directly to the SS if you can, 'cos I believe live isn't to great at relaying midi - you'll certainly get some added latency by that route.

Also, unless you're going to be using host sync for triggering mobius, to get a smooth loop it's advisable to go from 'record' to 'overdub' rather than 'play'. If you work with feedback at zero (so it's a single repeat delay) you can get a loop going smoothly with the repeat and then hit play to lock it. It smooths out the slight dropout you get going direct from record to play.

Don't know which version of live you're on, but a few folks use mobius standalone feeding into live, rather than as a vst - avoids the 32 bit plugin problem for newer versions of live. Also the direct midi control makes more sense then. (I think you could still send midi 'thru' mobius into live, maybe?).

Lots of experts at circular labs...:)


On 27/06/2017 19:38, Kevin Colando wrote:
Hello folks,

I'm trying to incorporate a Wavedrum into my looping and I'm having some issues getting what I want that I thought those of you who are left here might be able to answer.

First off, I'm using Mobius in Live with a 1st gen softstep to control it (via Presonus Firestudio Mobile).

My issues are that the drum loops I record all seem very lumpy and stilted most of the time and while I assume almost all of that is due to user error I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to loop a really tight drum loop.  I think there is a touch of latency in the SS to Live route so I know I need to learn to compensate my timing but it still strange when I feel I've got a decent beat going, I loop it and then it sounds 'off' or wrong' and the life is gone.

So, a random shot to see if there is any advice beyond practice (which I will do, but if there are ways to make the practice more useful ....)



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