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Another MIDI Foot Controller thread.

Hey I'm looking at midi foot controllers to map to S-Gear and GuitarRig 5. I would need it to send MIDI CC's as well as MIDI notes. I need patch changes as well as toggles for effects on and off. I need 2 _expression_ pedals. USB buss powered. I've looked at these so far and the Line 6 stands out. I tried the Softstep and 12 step but don't like the lack of a tactile click. FCB1010 needs a mod for what I want and horror stories of programming(although I'm pretty confident with MIDI now) but the Line 6 seems to do about the same? 

Line 6 Shortboard FBV
Line 6 FBV Express
Irig Blueboard 
Behringer FCB101 (UNO Chip needed yikes) 

Josh Elliott