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Re: RE: Mobius

On 07/01/2018 13:42, Jordi Cervelló wrote:

I’m wondering if you are working in newer versions of Mobius (64 bits for example), and if you don’t mind, I have a question about something that’s driving me crazy lately:


Indeed the 64 bit version of mobius is exactly what's been occupying Jeff for the last few years (apart from updating the forum software as well!), so eventually....all should be revealed.

Sadly I'm not too conversant with OSC & mobius, but a glance at the documentation implies quite a lot of configuration (global parameters etc, plus some TCP/IP knowledge) before OSC will work. Also the OSC.xml file has to be reloaded each time you make changes to it. I dunno if this is relevant to your problem, but otherwise it looks like you should be able to achieve your goal. All that TCP/IP stuff on top of mobius scripts & MIDI control.........:(

Best of luck