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Re: keyboard accessible looping software

Hi Taylor.

I am blind to, and I imagine you already know that some DAWS are accessible to the blind, reaper and Samplitude on PC, reaper Logic and ProTools on Mac, Unfortunately, Ableton has ignored our accessibility requests for the moment, it would have been Ideal…

. I don't know about Software loopers, but I know that a bunch of hardware loopers are accessible. Do you really want to use a computer for that? Have you tried any hardware once?




Le 07/04/2018 à 05:59, Tyler Zahnke a écrit :
Hello! I know I've asked questions about being a totally blind looping
artist before, but I was just wondering, I know that some of you have
talked about looping software running on a computer. So my question
is, what kind of looping software can I install on my computer (my
computer is Windows, if that matters; I know many open-source programs
are cross-platform) can I use with the keyboard? Have any of you
software loopers out there ever been able to use looping software with
just the keyboard without using the mouse/touchpad? If not, I hope
that becomes a possibility; a program in which all looping can be done
with keyboard commands. I've done some JavaScript coding before, so I
could probably make such a thing if I had some tips.