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Re: Looperlative LP1 CC# List

Hi Dennis,

I have a manual for version 1.38 would this be useful? it has a list of all assignable functions

Also I have various OS updates should you want them - Bob still occasionally releases updates on his facebook page - I think he's released 2.17

sold my LP1 after Bob ditched the forums



On 16/08/2018 01:43, Dennis M wrote:
Hi all,

  does anyone have a complete list of all the LP1 CC# assignments?  Mine is one of the early units bought directly from Bob at his house back in autumn 2006 (doesn't even have a serial # :-) running 1.30a.

I ask because I'm hooking it up to a Novation RemoteZeroSL and I have 8 faders set to track (1-8) volume, 8 pots set to track (1-8) pan and 8 endless rotary encoders that I can't find any other variable track (1-8) variables to set to.

I'd like to use them to sweep individual track feedback, but can't figure out how to do it.  I'm currently using 2 buttons per track, 1 for a macro selecting a specific track then feedback +10% and the other macro selects a specific track then feedback -10%, but I'd rather be able to control that with encoders instead of predefined +/- 5% or +/- 10% buttons.