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Re: Looperlative LP1 CC# List

Hi Rob,

  the 1.38 manual would be great.  I searched online and couldn't find anything later than my 1.30.  Also, please send me any OS upgrades as well...I haven't played my LP1 in years and just dusted it off for a new project I wanted to work on.


On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 3:15 AM, formantuk <formantuk@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
Hi Dennis,

I have a manual for version 1.38 would this be useful? it has a list of all assignable functions

Also I have various OS updates should you want them - Bob still occasionally releases updates on his facebook page - I think he's released 2.17

sold my LP1 after Bob ditched the forums



On 16/08/2018 01:43, Dennis M wrote:
Hi all,

  does anyone have a complete list of all the LP1 CC# assignments?  Mine is one of the early units bought directly from Bob at his house back in autumn 2006 (doesn't even have a serial # :-) running 1.30a.

I ask because I'm hooking it up to a Novation RemoteZeroSL and I have 8 faders set to track (1-8) volume, 8 pots set to track (1-8) pan and 8 endless rotary encoders that I can't find any other variable track (1-8) variables to set to.

I'd like to use them to sweep individual track feedback, but can't figure out how to do it.  I'm currently using 2 buttons per track, 1 for a macro selecting a specific track then feedback +10% and the other macro selects a specific track then feedback -10%, but I'd rather be able to control that with encoders instead of predefined +/- 5% or +/- 10% buttons.