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Mobius query

Hi loopers
looking for a bit of advice regarding Mobius and hoping there may be 
someone who knows a lot more than me about the workings of these things…. 
I’m a bit of a MIDI dummy i will admit.

i’ve been a user of Mobius for a few years now, using it both for 
recording and live performance. For recording i use it as a plugin to 
LIVE, and for live performance as a standalone.

i’m controlling it with a Behringer FCB-1010 set up with some basic 
commands (record/loop/up/down/pause/all stop and expression for volume). 
Whilst this usually works fine, i’ve been starting to have issues with 
what i can best describe as MIDI latency on the display. at certain times, 
i get a flashing yellow block on the left, and the display doesn’t update. 
i can still use all the controls but can’t actually see what i’m doing. 
When recording, this also seems to freeze the controls of LIVE so there is 
a 30 second delay to stop recording after i hit the stop button, and i 
can’t close the Mobius window while it thinks about itself.

I use an iMac 4GHz i7, 16GB RAM and OSX El Capitain at home, and a MacBook 
Air with El Cap live.

i’d be very grateful for any suggestions of how to solve this issue or 
what to look for

many thanks