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Re: Mobius query

Hi Jon

Not sure how much I can help here, since although I use Mobius, I don't use the FCB1010, or Live, but I seem to recall discussions on the currently defunct forums, about MIDI issues with Live, surrounding whether you're controlling Mobius via Live, or directly (which I think is the preferred method).

Is the issue happening only when you're using mobius as a plug-in, or does it happen standalone too? Your description of the Live display freezing too suggests it might be a Live/Mobius issue, though I experience UI freezes with mobius vst within bidule, which is 99.9% reliable, though still-present bugs in mobius do cause problems sometimes; multiplying is one function that can cause UI freezes. So is over-enthusiastic MIDI free-improvisation :)

I don't know if you use any sync at all, but even without switch quantization enabled, or external sync etc, I sometimes find mobius waiting for the end of a loop to act on a record/multiply/mute etc command - it's simply some interpretation mobius has of the situation thinking it should be a 'quantized' midi action. Often it's when I've reset tr1 for some reason (that's my only sync source), and it switches allegiance to some other track.

Sadly the forums have still not returned (& 64 bit mobius hasn't appeared either), but you may find a clue in the old yahoo group (closed ~7 years ago), at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/zonemobius/info

Since your OS is pretty up-to-date, & I guess your Live is too, (though Live 9, I believe, stopped supporting 32 bit plug-ins - could this be relevant?), I'm guessing any help at 'zonemobius' will be past its use-by date :(

The documentation is my best advice, but of course this is also incomplete, so the user-base knowledge is invaluable. Hopefully a mobius/live user is already at his/her keyboard as I hit 'send'.....

Dave Draper

On 29/09/2018 10:48, jon attwood wrote:
Hi loopers
looking for a bit of advice regarding Mobius and hoping there may be someone who knows a lot more than me about the workings of these things…. I’m a bit of a MIDI dummy i will admit.

i’ve been a user of Mobius for a few years now, using it both for recording and live performance. For recording i use it as a plugin to LIVE, and for live performance as a standalone.

i’m controlling it with a Behringer FCB-1010 set up with some basic commands (record/loop/up/down/pause/all stop and _expression_ for volume). Whilst this usually works fine, i’ve been starting to have issues with what i can best describe as MIDI latency on the display. at certain times, i get a flashing yellow block on the left, and the display doesn’t update. i can still use all the controls but can’t actually see what i’m doing. When recording, this also seems to freeze the controls of LIVE so there is a 30 second delay to stop recording after i hit the stop button, and i can’t close the Mobius window while it thinks about itself.

I use an iMac 4GHz i7, 16GB RAM and OSX El Capitain at home, and a MacBook Air with El Cap live.

i’d be very grateful for any suggestions of how to solve this issue or what to look for

many thanks