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Digitech Stereo Jamman Ext "Mode"?

With all this time at home I finally got around to making an external footswitch for the Jamman Stereo (model JML2 I believe?)

In looking at the Official Digitech one (FS3X) there are three buttons BUT it seems only one adds anything because the buttons are Mode, UP, and Down and the JML2 already HAS up and down on it.

Am I missing something? I understand the FS3X can be used for many other products and for those the Up/Down are very helpful. For those here in the know my question is does the FS3X add anything outside of mode specifically to the Jamman Stereo outside of the mode button that it doesn't already have?

FWIW I was able to wire up a TRS stereo jack into a single momentary stomp switch and can now reverse with an external pedal (my main goal). I'm just wondering if there is anything else I can do with an external stomp.

Thanks for any/all  help!

DIY old man Legion