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Re: almost 24 years...

I'm still here as well. I wasn't one of the charter members off the bat 24 years ago but I've been here for about 23-ish, with the sort of "new boy" status David Gilmour had with Pink Floyd or Ronnie Wood with the Stones. :P

I don't play out live anymore and don't usually have a looping rig wired on a pedalboard and ready to go, although looping still plays a major role in my music. My primary focus for the last several years has been on film music (I collaborate on films with the Quay Brothers, as well as with other directors) and the better part of my discography is available at https://timnelson.bandcamp.com/


On 15/06/2020 01:01, david kirkdorffer wrote:
Hello Loopers of the World!

It's awesome this list has been going for almost a quarter of a century.

I've not posted on the list for a while, preferring to be a lurker.

But I wanted to check in. see if any of the old gang are still here....

I'm Still using my two white Echoplex's purchased in the big "group buy" I organized in 1998.
Picture of my current UNDO looping rig, here: https://bit.ly/3e5TwL0 

Most recently I've been enjoying more computer-based music, for example: 
Um, I think so..? https://bit.ly/3fsuLc9 

From the Loopers Delight Compilation CD IV, 2011
Free download on Soundcloud.

Peace to you.