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Ryan Stuewe (ifsh)
Phone Number:(503)513-4637
Projects/Ensembles:Ifsh, Eet, Dendrites, Voltron Christ, the Nex, Cephaloatamok, analogantiatrophy
Instruments:as Ifsh I use a mic to catch snippets of: toys, toy drums, real drums, found drums, found non-drums, my hands and mouth and whatever's laying around (this often includes radio, tape-players/recorders, bells, mbira, plastic bag, bubble wrap, half-size cello, parking meter and sundry broken electronics). All other listed projects are collaborative (except the defunct analogantiatrophy) in which i play primarily trap drums (with lots of found metal percussion) and sometimes loops.
Looping Gear:the trusty Boomerang phrase sampler (the line 6 delay modeler came in handy once upon a time, but now ours are broken).
Influences:nurse with wound, john bonham, muslimgauze, the 808 and its users, early funk and hiphop, current hiphop, einsturzende neubauten
Musical Style:i guess you'd call it experimental, or if you want to get specific maybe 'beat-and-texture driven noise'
Recordings Available:many many old cdrs abound and i continue to handmake cds as new material is recorded and collected and packaged... i do this compulsively (its like breathing) but do hope one to day to recieve some form of fiscal recompense for my compulsory art, not to mention validation via the world of professional mastering and post-production--- more to come on this topic soon...)
Most recent cds include Ifsh 'Krisis Korus' and 'healer distiller', Dendrites (demo) and Eet 'something more for the ladies'.

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