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Scott Hansen (HsAcNoStEtN)
Location:Iowa City, IA
Phone Number:319.341.0883
Email Address(es):scott-a-hansen@uiowa.edu
Website URL(s):http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/452/hsacnostetn.html
Instruments:Steinberger Spirit, Parker Nitefly, Hohner & Alvarez acoustics
(and working on building Klein-like guitar...it goes slowly...)
Looping Gear:Digitech RP100--Zoom 9150--Digitech DSP256XL--DOD d12--Digitech IPS 33--Lexicon MPX 100
Influences:everything i've heard, lots of visual influences since I started / trained as a visual artist...
Musical Style:since I started out as a visual artist (Painter, still draw), I always think: Art-Noise-Sound-Music...
Recordings Available:Self Released (CDR's):
'Sketches' --2002
'd2r'-is my current 79 min. cdr of vocal (pop/acoustic songs) and 'loop' interludes (38 tracks total). A nice mix of 'lo-fi' acoustic/folk/pop and some experiments in sound with my effects. Recorded on Tascam 4-track and mixed down to my CD recorder. If interested, please email me.
HsAcNoStEtN-is name I used for mp3 since 'Scott Hansen' is a comedian who beat me to my own name...Thank god for the hip-hop/rap 'Alias' trend in pop music...
Fairly new to looping, but having fun exploring...

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