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Native Mex Loopero
Phone Number:562.713.2774
Email Address(es):martinprehispanic@yahoo.com
Website URL(s):www.martinespino.com
Projects/Ensembles:DJ Tepewano - Loops with Bamboo & Gourd Instruments

MEXIKA - Soundz of Ancient Mexico (no loops here)
Instruments:Ancient Mexican Wind, Percussion and Strings; New and Weird Instruments of Bamboo & Gourd. Fretless Guitar. Vihuela. Stone Marimbas. Water Drums. Large Percussive Panpipes...etc
Looping Gear:Loop Stations: RC20XL and RC50.
Influences:When I do my looping gigs, my influences are 1) my ancestors, 2) Music of Mexico, India, Africa, Amazon and Brasil
Musical Style:Acoustic, Ambient, Groove, Folk/Indigenous, Experimental, Relaxing
Recordings Available:OHE HANO IHU - Pacific Nose Flute with Bamboo & Gourd Percussion
CURANDERO - Music composed/performed by Martin Espino based on Ancient Mexico and the Amazon
JAGUARS RETURN - Groove Electronica with Indigenous Mexican instruments
I have a long continuing and professional career as a performer/musician, bilingual scholar/cultural educator and instrument maker. I specialize in the music and culture of my ancestral Mexico and am a recognized scholar in this field. I love to improvise and thus my LOOPero Gigs have turned into a groove oriented native experience showing off the cool instruments I make and the weird sounds I get from, them without EFX. I also to collaborate with other musicians.
Currently, I perform/educate in Universities, Colleges, Primary Sshools and major music festivals as well as native festivals and museums. I also conduct many instrument making workshops as well.

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