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Planet Of The Loops
Location:Planet, Based out of Toronto
Phone Number:416-389-7318
Email Address(es):Planet@energymadeaudible.com
Website URL(s):http://www.energymadeaudible.com/planet.html
Projects/Ensembles:Annual Looping event featuring everyone who wants to loop
Instruments:Anything... whatever your sound source is.
Past Planets have featured Guitar, Synth, ShortWave, Turntable, Omni Chord, Hurdi Gurdi, Cello, Vocals, Dance, Percussion, etc.
Looping Gear:Anything That Loops Sound
Influences:Everyone that night
Musical Style:Everything
Recordings Available:1st Compilation CD 'dokument'
Planet of the Loops was started in December 1997 by Toronto musician Andrew Aldridge. First performance was April 1998. April 1999 a compilation CD by loopers who took part in the first year of the Planet was released as a Promo Only CD. Since then the Planet has been a regular event in Toronto and featured performances in Vancouver and Montreal. Please see the web site www.energymadeaudible.com for more info on the Planet. All performances are 100% improvised, ideally with people that have never played together, or even met before. Most performances have been recorded, and more releases are around the corner. The Planet wishes to meet more loopers and perform with more people AROUND THE WORLD. Please e-mail to become part of the Planet... we are trying to do a Planet in Boston, NYC, San Fran, LA, London and Tokyo.
Most loopers don't know there is a real live aspect with an audience. We have been doing this for almost 4 years, believe me: People enjoy these events and want more! Part of the Planet is to get people out of their homes/bedrooms/basement studios and have an avenue to play their stuff live.
Please visit the Planet www.energymadeaudible.com
and the ping at www.theambientping.com

UPCOMING SHOWS : March 26th 2002, At the Ambient Ping, C'est What?, Church&FrontSt
Toronto, 9:30 pm FREE! Featuring Andrew Aldridge, Paul Royes, Stewart Clark.

Thank you!

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