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Joel T. Johnson
Location:Hollywood, California
Upstate New York
Phone Number:661-510-8481
Email Address(es):gizmobass@yahoo.com
Website URL(s):http://joeltj.com
Projects/Ensembles:Present: Solo performances, Jon Lee, Rocky Jackson, Rule6two, LA Cowboys, Squeedle,
Past: Music Score for 'Naiad' Ned Lucas, Tom Chaffee, Annie Wells, The Great Divide, Nik and the Nice Guys, Dark Heart Alarm, Metal Fatigue
Instruments:Bass (Kubicki Factor), percussion, keyboards (K2000S + Korg MS-2 analog synth tracking bass signal), Vocals (Western and Tibetan Throat singing), Tenor Banjo
Looping Gear:2 Electrix Repeaters synced, one for bass rig, one for P.A. (Vox, percussion, keys) The repeaters are controlled via a Kurzweil 2000R using MIDI sequences as macros (mute groups, advance rec`ord track, new loop, etc) which is in-turn controlled by 2 sets of MIDI pedals
Influences:The Blue Nile, Tony Levin, King Crimson, Jr Brown, Pat Menthany, Igor Stravinski, Rush, Yes, Genesis, White Stripes, Tibetan monks, and individuals having just dropping something heavy on their toe or touched there tongue to a red hot stove.
Musical Style:A purist's nightmare! -A blend of rock blues and old style country with all with Art/Prog Rock technical sensability -or lack thereof. As garnish some flavors of world music and even some rootsy moments.
Recordings Available:'The Electric Bass Guitar', 'Spanky' -demo 'Dronmonium' Squeedle, 'Squeeze Here' Rocky Jackson.
Love the Bass guitar and it will reveal it's secrets to you

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