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Scott Johnson
Phone Number:905-528-4720
Email Address(es):foreverscott@hotmail.com
Website URL(s):http://www.worthyrecords.com
Projects/Ensembles:Low Frequency, Pilot
The Lonely Flight
Psychosomatic Climax Machine
Instruments:Live Performance: Roland JX8P, A microtape recorder, and a 2$mic that I like to bash in on occasion
PC: various virtual composition/audio recording/mastering programs such as Cool Edit Pro, Wavelab, Fruity Loops..and lots of nifty plug-ins
Looping Gear:Lexicon multi-effects proccessor/reverb unit, multiple analog and digital delay pedals, Korg D8 8track recorder/player(can also be used as looping gear of many sorts, chorous and phase feedback tweaking, delay feedbacking, loop sampling, etc.)
Influences:My fascination with deep ambient noise all began at a Head|Phone|Over|Tone performance...this is where I met Daniel Winterman whose music has influenced the way I compose music in every way...before then I composed under the moniker 'Slo-Fi Spirit Wave' (An IDM project) which has now transformed into a form of music that i describe as 'The Lonely Flight'...since then I have met a vast amount of talented artists/musicians who have all influenced me in one form or another...my main influences these days are all the folks that I collaborate with live and at home or through the computer, but I still feel I owe a neverending thank you to Alien_D (D.Winterman) whose music lead me to seek out the strange and wonderfull universe of ambient composition
Musical Style:deep ambient noise/drone
Recordings Available:Low Frequency, Pilot 3 song EP available @ www.worthyrecords.com
The Lonely Flight LP soon to be available @ www.worthyrecords.com
both projects have mp3's available @ www.soundclick.com
Thank you Phil (The Devil in the Design) for leading me to this place

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