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Rev. Doubt-Goat:Twayn Williams
Location:Portland, OR, USA
Email Address(es):dgoat@rocketmail.com
Projects/Ensembles:Darsan Trio
Instruments:Guitars - highly customized Warmoth soloist solidbody electric, Sho-Bud Pedal Steel (10-string, E6), Epitome Lap Steel (6-string, C6), Danelecto Longhorn Baritone Guitar, Washburn 6-string bass, La Patrie Classical, Yamaha AEX 500N (converted to steel string)

Amplification - SansAmp PSA-1 preamp, Stewart PA-200 power amp, 2 DOD Grey Box speaker cabinet emulators

Misc. - Alesis Quadraverb and Midiverb4, lots 'o stomp boxes
Looping Gear:Jamman (/w 32sec), Digitech 7.6 sec. time machine
Influences:Looping - Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, David Torn, David Sylvian, Terry Riley, Benoit Mandelbroit
Musical Style:loop/beauty/noise/improv oriented, esoteric/occult/poetic terrorist
Bio of the Doubt-Goat

Although very few people outside an elect cadre of scientific specialists realize it, Rev. D.G. is in fact the oldest living creature on the planet.

It all began at the dawn of the earth, when the noxious soup of the primordial oceans were stirred constantly by the ravaging lightnings and cataclysmic volcanic eruptions. In a small, shallow pool of this soup, a fortuitious combination of events resulted in the spontaneous creation of a small slug-like creature that was, by a mind-boggling coincidence, self-aware. Within this small, shallow pool it remained for the untold millions of years it took for the rest of life to begin, studying the nature of mind, body, and universe.

When the simple, single-celled organisms of the rest of life on earth finally evolved, it took a wise and benevolent, yet stern approach to their development, coaxing them along into higher forms of life, it itself always staying one step ahead to guide the process.

And so it has continued down through the lost ages, the mutated slug (now know as the Rev. Doubt-Goat) always one step ahead of the rest of life on earth, subtling guiding all that is living into ever higher states of awareness and being.

Towards this noble goal, he (having taken a gender untold aeons ago in order to better experience and understand the nature of being) has received two bachelors of music from the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri - Kansas City: one in Classical Guitar Performance, and the other one in Music Composition. There he studied guitar with Douglas Neidt and composition with Dr.s Gerald Kemner and Jim Moberly.

After graduation, he has written for and played guitar and bass in several original music bands, covering a wide stylistic range, such as pop, twisted garage rock, avant-jazz and worldbeat (at one point, he played in five bands at the same time!) He has written and performed music for commercials, performance art, dance, and theatre. Rev. D.G. currently plays everything that has strings and frets (as well as some that don't have frets), middle-eastern hand percussion, improv flute, and midi.

Since relocating to Portland, OR, Rev. D.G. has focused on recording, looping, and classical guitar in an esoteric philosophical context and has become a member of Ordo Templi Orientis. He has played dumbek and frame drums in the Gypsy Caravan belly dance ensemble - six string electric bass with the Fabulous Rose Mahlers Jazz Quartet - electric guitar, noise and loops with the Ascension Conspiricy - jazz guitar with Hank Hadeed - and the occasional gig as the Darsan Trio: a loop/beauty/noise/improv oriented, esoteric/occult/poetic terrorist ensemble of foating membership.

These musical avenues allow Rev. D.G. to subltly explore the textures of the musical hyperverse, shifting his consciousness to the subtle realm wherein all music listeners reside, to therein continue his evolutionary work of guiding all to the higher realms of existence. As you listen, realize the evolutionary impact inherent within and allow yourself to flow along the current that has it's origin before the rest of life on earth began - and thereby become one with the process.

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