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Eric Williamson
Location:Peoria, Illinois, USA
Phone Number:309.579.2860
Email Address(es):erwill@flink.com
Projects/Ensembles:Solo (as Suit and Tie Guy)
Cold Fusion (my Acid Jazz/Pornmusik ensemble)
Three in The Pocket (40yr olds who I occasionally gig with)
Instruments:Hammond B3, Leslies (760, 860, 122)
Roland XP-80 Workstation
Looping Gear:2 Echoplexen, Vortex, TSR-24, Macintosh
will sell all as soon as my Kyma is up and running
Influences:Virgil Fox, Robert Fripp, Mike Brook, and any jazz organ players.
Musical Style:Robert Fripp jamming out with Booker T & the MGs on the soundtrack to an adult movie.
Recordings Available:as Suit & Tie Guy: 'Works in Progress', 'Ambient r2.1', 'State of Peoria: May 1997'
with Cold Fusion: 'Live from the Great Barrier Reef'
-all of the above available on CD from me-
My ambient career started when I began putting on punk rock shows here in Peoria. I would play loops between band sets. If this didn't freak them out enough, I started putting my own band on my shows, Cold Fusion, whose lineup would be different every time we played. Cold Fusion has coalesced into a traditional jazz organ lineup (Guitar, Organ, Drums), but we play the gamut from Goth-Rock, Jazz, Surf, and Funk. Three in the Pocket are a local classic rock band that I play with at a college bar on Thursday nights. I played by myself in a used bookstore for about 8 months, every Sunday, early this year. The store closed, however, but I have an ambient gig coming up soon. November 13th I'm getting paid to play at the new United Way Center, here in Peoria. The funding is coming from heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, Inc., so they wanted somebody to play 'background music'.

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