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Derrick Frilund
Location:Helsinki, Finland, Europe
Phone Number:Please, use Email.
Email Address(es):alavar_at_suomi24.fi
Projects/Ensembles:One solo performance in 1996, have played in various bands when I was younger.
Instruments:Guitar (Hagstrom Swede), an old Mini Korg-700 synth (monophonic), Morley vol. wah. pedal, distortion effects, working with a self-built electric version of an medieval instrument called Tromba Marina, I call my version Tromba electrica.
Looping Gear:Quadraverb GT (because of 1.5 sec max delay),Fostex four-tracker with pre-recorded stuff when I go out and perform my music. So thats no impressive kind of equipment, and not truly sample-looping, except the repeating delays from quadraverb. Low budget.
Influences:Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Arnold Schoenberg, Philip Glass, Frank Zappa, European medieval music, Steve Reich, Balinese traditional music, songs of the Setu Estonians.
Musical Style:Soundscapes with guitar, synth (pre-recorded), playing improvised solo on top.Wery slow changes.
Recordings Available:Aelae Nuku, a CD containing ambient and other musical things.
Not on sale anywhere, but you can always try to order one copy from me.

Hello from this corner of the world.
Yes, my guitar is tuned c-g-d-a-e-g. Im a self-taught guitar player, have been also taught by friends who are far better players than I, and I have been in bands playing from etno-oriented to fusion and improvisation when I was younger. Had also a ten years break in playing, because man has to earn money and raise children (working with newsgraphics as a Picture-editor, graduated from the University of industrial arts in Helsinki). Many of my friends thinks of course that Iīm freaky, because I donīt do any music worth listening, but I like to do this kind of music, playing loops and building sound on sound using multitracking or long delays or whatever the technigue is available. Music to me. Have tried also with an endless c-cassette in a four-track recording machine (no joke), it makes one and a half minute loop with a 3 min. endless tape and you get poor sound quality (a pre-recorded loop), and also once with two Revoxes already in 1979, the receipt came from Enos Discreet music LP cover. Fripp and Enos No pussyfooting was interesting, because when you listened to it you had the question: why in hell someone is making music that is not music in the common sense, you had the feeling that you have been slightly cheated! After that, I became interested in music which was made possible by todays technology.
The GIG in 1996: It was a party, one of my friends filled 40 years and I played improvised guitarsolo (1,5 sec delay) with my multitracker (ohh! playback!) trough a (mono!) PA equipment. I played for about twenty minutes, the audience consisted of a few people arriving at the place, and there was also those who really LISTENED, which was encouraging. Afterwards someone came and asked questions about my equipment, I think we are all too tech-oriented and forget about the feel, of what happens inside us, when we are listening to music.The technology is here, so forget about the technology and make something useful of it. More gigs in the future? Planning for the second gig, hoping to find other same oriented in Helsinki town, to form, maybe an ensemble of three guitarists playing sort of a slow-motion-repeating prolonged notes layered, ending up in dissonant noise or beautiful harmonies or both. Loops and echoes and distorted guitar. Man has to try.
We hardly listen to sounds surrounding us in everyday life. Stop and listen.
Is there anyone doing this kind of music in my own country? (Finland)
You can Email me in English, Swedish, Finnish, I understand German also.
Kind regards to all, from Derrick 'Frippe' Frilund

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