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Location:Boulder, CO
Phone Number:303-818-2501
Email Address(es):anton@loop-lab.com
Website URL(s):http://www.loop-lab.com
Instruments:Guitar, midi-guitar, percussion
Looping Gear:Several lexicon Jamman's, run in parallel to crossfade, pull out, and reintroduce different loops, Akai headrush run as an aux send before lexicons.
Influences:LTJ Bukem, Telefone Telavive, MFA, Scofield, Santana, Methany, etc.
Musical Style:Looping styles ranging from pure ambiance to guitar fusion to drum and bass and electronic grooves.
Recordings Available:In progress
This project was started in summer 2004, and will be performing throughout colorado this year and beyond in 2005.

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