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cyberdyne systems 101
Location:south east london
Phone Number:07941 022 361
Email Address(es):decus21@aol.com
Projects/Ensembles:project in hand is the drill tune, with r.b.s and warlike!
Instruments:secret weapons only known as the machines
Looping Gear:cubase vst.2.8, wavesurgeon
Influences:wide ranging from eurithmics to ray keith and the prodigy,
and of course underground sounds, sound system
Musical Style:techno, drum and bass, breakbeat, house, tech house, acid techno,
experimental, electro, doomcore,industrial ,acid house, hard house, old skool hardcore, rap and hip hop.
Recordings Available:death star (unreleased 1st recording)

milk e.p...
a. infantile
aa. woman sittin on the edge of a cliff pouring milk into the ocean
aa trk 2: (pouring milk remix)

little cupkake baked by the devil
producing is a loose thing rather stringing the things together
forever to weather the parts of the machine

you must loop it endevour and make it sound clever
and make money to upholster your gun holster in leather

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