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J. White
Location:NW Iowa
Email Address(es):melancholicalcoholic@hotmail.com
Instruments: Electric guitars (acoustic 6 and 12 string), bass (fretted and fretless), drums, percussion (congas, talking drum, tablas, maracas, shakers, gongs, bells, pots and pans, 1967 ducati gastank, noisemakers, etc), mandolin, lapsteel, pedal steel, synthesizer, voce v5 organ module, all kinds of rack and stompbox effects.
Looping Gear:lexicon jam-man, akai headrush, roland/boss loop station, digitech rds 8000 time machine, line 6 dl4 delay modeler.
Influences:See Nurse with Wound influences list and then add a couple thousand more.
Musical Style:Subtle, very subtle...
I'm interested to hear what fellow home recordists have to say. If there are any aspiring filmmakers that wish to collaborate feel free to contact us.

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