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Edwin White
Location:806 E. Amelia St
Orlando FL 32803

Phone Number:407-423-7248
Email Address(es):Edwhitesunlight@aol.com
Website URL(s):http://www.geocities.com/edwingwhite/
Projects/Ensembles:since 1977,solo at the theme parks and bars and etc,since 1981 a duo/trio 2EZ,bars in Orlando,theme parks ,16 weeks in Tokyo in1995,
continuously through this electronic manipulation of sounds,ambient,experimental music when the bar patrons were not there or aware,morphing of pop music live to space music.live loops Last year at Pori International Jazz Festival in Pori Finland I took the jamman and did some live looping with vocal and/or guitar during the sets.The band and the crowd liked it.I would make up stuff and scat topical lyrical stuff and we would jam out.
Instruments:Tobias lefthanded upside down guitar,Gurian acoustic guitar,played upside down,keyboards, mono synths,Korg X11 gtr synths, Digitech Vocalistdrum set ,much much percussion, bought and homemade,toys,basses,mandolin,banjo,nylon string....wait,wait,I need to make a list of what i do not have,it would be way shorter. I never get rid of anything!tons of analog tapes of live performances .pounds of local taped music including Jehn Cerron's initial box set!(collectors item!)Big sound system.Thick walled studio with AC and virtually no recording equipment except a cassette recorder a FostexX15 from years ago and a sharp MD portable recorder. Oh. Oh...!!! I have a set of vibes!!! i was a percussion major at Univ Wisc. Stevens Point
Looping Gear:I got the 32 second jamman,Every guitar effect there is practically,(possibly two of each) various delay rack units from the past and my mom,who repeats herself a lot and so do I,so do I
Influences:Edgar Varese,Poeme Electronique back in 1965.the sustain pedal on the family piano,where i made Thunder and rain sounds instead of practicing my lessons back in 1958.Eno, Fripp, Reilly, Froese, Tonto,s Expanding Headband, Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays, Adrian Belew,Andy Summers,Ted Curson,I am forgetting many.Bobby McFerrin,
Eddie Matzger(I'm a long distance road skater..A2A)
Musical Style:Bobby McFerrin and the Beach Boys meet the Police and Go to Africa to surf.Style as of 6/20/01
Recordings Available:A Cd called... 7 ten/eleven 99 ...put out by Long History Of Sunlight Music Co. ASCAP copyright 2000
806 East Amelia ST Orlando FL 32803 A live made up totally as you hear it ,two- twenty or so minute creative spots done on July tenth and elevnth 1999 Vocals, Djembe and Guitar.mostly non-lingual,any lyrics straight from the heart.An uplifting experience. An earlier CD called ..2EZ.. contains morphed versions of familiar tunes twisted to new and different genres.Starting with the bossa-nova version of the girl from IpaNirvana/Teen Spirit
A hint of delay unit riffs in this CD recorded on first and second takes with a combo that played together for14 years before the recording in 1995.includes Rap version of Green Eggs and HAm(hushh...our little secret...)

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