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Location:Phoenix, AZ USA
Email Address(es):wsdiii@cox.net
Website URL(s):http://www.billdutcher.com
Projects/Ensembles:Power Trio: Me, Myself and I
Instruments:2003 Lakewood J-32
1996 Lakewood M-22
1994 Taylor 555-12 string
1920's Style 2 Weissenborn
2003 Custom J.Thomas Davis Harp Guitar
1920's Sears and Roebuck Mandolin
Custom Frankenstrat with Mike Christian Piezo system
Looping Gear:Oberheim Digital Echoplex 5.0 software.
Pendulum sps-1 stereo acoustic pre-amp.
Sunrise magnetic pickups
L.R. Baggs I-Beam pickups in every instrument blended with L.R. Baggs I-Mix internal preamp
Sansamp psa-1
Peavey Kosmos
Lexicon MPX-200
Bose PAS-1 with 2 subwoofers
Behringer FBC1010 MIDI pedal
Influences:Zeppelin, Hendrix, Hedges.
Musical Style:Modern Acoustic
Recordings Available:1996 Bill Dutcher 'Solo Guitar'
2008 Bill Dutcher 'Finding Time'
2004 'Beyond Six Strings' A compilation CD of new music for the Harp Guitar.
Exotic tunings, two-handed tapping/slapping percussive techniques along with modern signal processing provide for an unorthodox approach to the perception of acoustic guitar playing. Instrumental arrangement run the gamut from classical influenced ballads to multi-tap-delay-drenced looping via two Oberheim echoplex's.
To hear a 'looping song' cut and paste this address http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=98710896
Listen to 'Echoing Pathways' This song was played on a Taylor 555-12 string tuned CGDGBD. This song was recorded live, no overdubs using three separate loops and extensive f/x from the Boss GT-3 processor.

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