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Jon Durant
Location:Alchemy Records, 61 Surrey Dr. Cohasset, MA 02025
Phone Number:617-383-0086
Email Address(es):74074.1316@compuserve.com
Website URL(s):http://www.musicpro.com/alchemy/
Looping Gear:Lexicon JamMan (2), Vortex,LXP-15II
Influences:Torn, Fripp, Rypdal, Garbarek, Weber
Musical Style:ambient/jazz/rock crossover
Recordings Available:Three If By Air (Alchemy Records), new CD due in February.
Making music such as this is an intensely personal experience. I find that
my music is very anti-social: it is best absorbed individually, in a quiet
environment. The music is designed to be open to one's personal
interpretation, where one person may see beauty, another may be horrified.
One listener may picture a quiet walk along a beach in late October, while
another may envision a trek across a scorching desert.
Both visions are correct.

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