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Re: 16 second delay problem

>>Also, I wasn't suggesting that a re-issue would necessarily be an exact
>>copy. I believe they have made some changes to things they have re-issued
>>in the past,the polychorus for example.
>>Personally, I'd much rather pay between five hundred and let's say a
>>thousand dollars for a new and hopefully improved EH-16 than $270.00 for 
>>new frequencey analyser, and I have both.
>the original "bucket brigade" analog delay chips are not available
>any more, I wonder whether they made it digitally even.

as I understand, this is why they have not produced a re-issue 16sec delay
yet. The parts used in it are long gone. (a terrible danger with music gear
that can last on the market years or decades, when the PC industry only
needs the parts for 9 months.....)  My guess is they are having a lot of
trouble reproducing the quirks of it in currently available technologies.


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