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Re: 16 second delay problem

At 2:51 PM -0800 11/26/99, David Beardsley wrote:
>Kim Flint wrote:
>> >the original "bucket brigade" analog delay chips are not available
>> >any more, I wonder whether they made it digitally even.
>> as I understand, this is why they have not produced a re-issue 16sec 
>> yet. The parts used in it are long gone. (a terrible danger with music 
>> that can last on the market years or decades, when the PC industry only
>> needs the parts for 9 months.....)  My guess is they are having a lot of
>> trouble reproducing the quirks of it in currently available 
>I wonder how close the Line 6 DL4 model of it is going to sound.
>Hopefully I can try one this week.

huh?  The line 6 DL4 doesn't have any eh-16 model!


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