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Re: Repeater update

At 6:44 PM -0800 12/4/00, Mountain Man wrote:
>Even though Jordan's post would lead one to believe that he has a
>Repeater in hand, I've yet to hear of any of them hitting the streets.
>I'm wondering what the progress/prognosis is on the Repeater.  We
>haven't heard from Damon in a while, and I noticed that a request a
>while back for a status report went unanswered.
>I've been mostly lurking on looper's delight for a couple of months,
>with my yen for a "looper of my own" has been getting stronger all the
>time.  The Repeater really looks like a good start for me (nice
>price/feature point from what I can tell), but on the other hand, I hear
>from a Gibson rep that EDP's will be available very shortly, but only
>for a brief time (shipping in mid-Dec, and then not available again
>until at least Feb).  If the Repeater looks like a pretty sure bet in
>the next month or two, I'll hold off.  But I'd really like to know
>whether to wait, or to grab a "bird in the hand"   =)

aside from the most rudimentary loop functions, the feature sets of the two
are very different. One clearly does not replace the other. Perhaps you
should decide what it is that you want to do, and choose the one that does
those things?


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