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Re: EDP input/output gain & distortion problems

So is this going to be another reason why if I want to go stereo, I should
look at getting a Repeater (whenever they become available) rather than a
second EDP?


At 6:21 PM -0800 3/1/01, Allan Hoeltje wrote:
>     I have a similar situation with a twist.  I bought an EDP from the
>first Gibson batch (group buy from Alto).  I upgraded the RAM to the max
>and it works fine.  I bought a second Gibson EDP (the second group buy
>from Alto) but this one is slightly different from the first one.
> The newer one came with the maximum RAM - a nice feature.  The on/off
>switch is reversed - I can get used to that.  But the real anoying
>difference is the input/output gain is much different between the two
>units.  I can correct the gain problem by carefully adjusting the knobs
>but it would be much nicer if the units were better matched.
> Thankfully, I have not noticed any distortion in either unit.
> -Allan