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RE: MIDI Solutions Remapping (was: Repeater Uses Note On)

Title: RE: MIDI Solutions Remapping (was: Repeater Uses Note
At 11:58 AM -0600 3/14/01, M. Steven Ginn wrote:
One thing that Midi Solutions is good at is making custom boxes.  So if
you have a specific need that isn't met by one of their standard
offerings, you can call them up and get a quote on a custom job.  Maybe
if it turns out that most on this list have the same need to fill the
Repeaters holes, then Midi Solutions might arrange a bulk purchase or
even make it one of their standard boxes.  Just a thought ...

Custom design is limited to custom firmware only:

"Please understand that we do not accept orders for products that require design of new hardware. However if you are in need of a MIDI processing function that can be incorporated into one of our existing products by modifying the firmware, we likely can provide the solution. Our minimum charge for custom-modified products is $250 over the original cost of the product, however if the modifications are not unreasonably complex we can usually offer it for this amount. Please contact us for a quote."




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