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Re: [ElectronicMusic] mp3.com

I'll weigh in on this one too.  I'm not sure whether to just yank all my
stuff off of there - IUMA's going to live again, thanks to being purchased
by vitaminic.com - and there are loads of places now to post one's MP3 
without having to put up with this Old Record Biz crap.  ArtistLaunch.com 
another one.  I think an even better site for visibility aspects might be
live365.com - which lets you run a radio 'station' of sorts.  What would
someone go through to put up a Loopers Delight radio station on live365.com
then?  I'm sure it would generate interest at least.

But my query has more to do with, Do we all yank our material off and tell
them why?  Why not?

A great (and uncommonly existent) interview with Ray Davies in last week's
London Times' "Culture" magazine, where he says that "It's still just a 
business," and I have to admit, after studying the "Enable Your Music" scam
that mp3.com's running, he's more than right, alas.  I've been told several
times that its nickname's becoming "DISable Your Music," given the
usury-level percentages they want if they get placement for your music on 
or film/video.

I came across a similar scam for software/hardware test this week - from a
bunch that advertised on a jobs board.  One went through a series of
questions about what one would be willing to do as a tester, like receive
product instead of pay on occasion (the most dubious, frankly, up to this
point it seemed legit).  Then the next page pops up in the "test", and asks
if you'd be willing to PAY $9.95 for the privilege of being able to do this
EACH time!  Yumpin' Yesus, what some scum will do to people looking for

So do we yank our material and tell mp3.com to screw off? (notice the lack
of an mp3.com url in my sig)

Stephen Goodman
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