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Re: [ElectronicMusic] mp3.com

>Now they're requiring that you pay them $20 monthly if you want to 
>get the money that your music earns on mp3.com. It's almost a form 
>of blackmail, really.

[and various others]

This and all these other objections are a bit harsh.

mp3.com has NEVER made money as far as I know, and has given out
quite a lot of royalties to musicians, admittedly mostly in
dribs and drabs to a lot of titles, but still...

I imagine that they are still not making money at $20 a month
per paying musical group.  This is merely a way to stem the
bleeding while trying to come up with some sort of way to actually
make money.

$20 a month is enough that anyone could afford it.
The "services" of a real label are going to cost
you an awful lot more than that, in real tersm...

Or, if I could pay a measly $20 a month and have
people actually exposed to my music with even the
possibility of royalties then I'd do it.

(I haven't done it yet though... still debating
what to put and etc...)

Summary:  since they have put a lot of money into
independent artists' pockets and taken a loss on it,
you can hardly accuse them of ripping us off.


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