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Re: [ElectronicMusic] mp3.com

At 12:22 AM +0100 3/26/01, Stephen P. Goodman wrote:

>I think an even better site for visibility aspects might be 
>live365.com - which lets you run a radio 'station' of sorts.  What 
>would someone go through to put up a Loopers Delight radio station 
>on live365.com then?  I'm sure it would generate interest at least.

I have a station on Live365, and the American Composers Forum has 
several. It's easy, and its free as long as you keep it low bandwidth 
and within the 365MB storage allotment.

You sign up for the service, pick a broadcaster name and password, 
and then you upload mp3 files and create one or more playlists. 
There's a Windows application for batch uploads, or you can ftp if 
you're on a different platform. There's a minimum playlist length of 
3 hours before broadcasting is enabled, and there are rules 
concerning frequency of play of recordings by a particular artist or 
from a particular CD. That is, you're not allowed to use the service 
as a promotional vehicle for a particular artist or CD. You have to 
"mix it up" with material from a variety of artists.

I think it's a good idea to have a Loopers Delight station of 
Live365. I'd even put some effort into it myself, but I wouldn't want 
to be the only person doing the uploading and programming. Probably 
few of us would want to shoulder that responsibility, but I think we 
might do it as a group.


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