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RE: re: wierd question

I should have known that Rick Walker would be on this list! He's 
for my interest in looping, due to his show's at What Is Art. Thanks Rick!


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> From: Rick Walker (loop.pool) [mailto:GLOBAL@cruzio.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2001 2:03 AM
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> Subject: Re:re: wierd question
> Darren wrote in reply:
> "The Streetlight Records in Santa Cruz, CA has a good section on
> all  kinds
> of Middle Eastern, Indian, Brazilian, you name it. It may be worth a long
> distance call to talk to the guy who stocks that section. He can
> give you a
> list of artists, most definitely."
> The gentleman who orders for both the ethnic music section AND the
> electronic section's name is John Connell.
> I know, because I play middleastern music with him in an on
> again/off again
> duet project called AZIZAM (we performed at the very
> first Santa Cruz Festival of Emerging Electronica) and also every week 
> Palika's belly dance class.   He is a very serious student of
> Persian classical music (ney, zarb, setar and daf) as well as a
> fascinating
> and very innovative DJ (he uses records like a real time sampler
> mixing them
> through guitar effects pedals) and electronic musician.  He even plays
> electric guitar, bass and a little sitar.  He is also an incredible comic
> book artist to boot.
> He is very knowledgeable and can help anyone out to find music in this
> fabulous record store that we are lucky enough to have in our
> little burg by the Monterey Bay.