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re: wierd question

At 1:30 AM -0700 5/29/01, Rick Walker (loop.pool) wrote:
>There is a very creative artist out of San Francisco whose name is Cheb I
>Shabbah who is doing a very cool blending of looping, Indian and
>MiddleEastern music.........

A few years ago I worked on a Sound Traffic Control gig at Club 
Townsend, with Cheb i Sabbah among the guest artists. In the middle 
of his set the sound system literally smoked - the SPL went from 
around 110 dB to room tone in an instant, while wisps of fried 
capacitor curled up from the Mackie 8-bus. Luckily we had a second 
console and quickly reconceived and reconfigured the system.

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