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re: wierd question

There is a very creative artist out of San Francisco whose name is Cheb I
Shabbah who is doing a very cool blending of looping, Indian and
MiddleEastern music.........i'd bet my bottom dollar that is what you were
listening to.   He not only has a new record out but he also has
a remix of the record out (I believe).    He has been spinning world ethnic
fusion music and electronica in San Francisco for a few years now.   I've
never seen him mix but I hear he is really good.    I hope this helps.

yours,   Rick Walker (loop.pool)

PS  I will also be putting out a CD within a year or so with a mix of
Middleeastern,Indian,African, Balkan and Indonesian elements comined with
Abstract Electronica.   I'm going to be calling the project  Hamsas Hand.
There,  I said it, now I have to do it ;-)