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Re:re: wierd question

Darren wrote in reply:
"The Streetlight Records in Santa Cruz, CA has a good section on all  kinds
of Middle Eastern, Indian, Brazilian, you name it. It may be worth a long
distance call to talk to the guy who stocks that section. He can give you a
list of artists, most definitely."

The gentleman who orders for both the ethnic music section AND the
electronic section's name is John Connell.
I know, because I play middleastern music with him in an on again/off again
duet project called AZIZAM (we performed at the very
first Santa Cruz Festival of Emerging Electronica) and also every week for
Palika's belly dance class.   He is a very serious student of
Persian classical music (ney, zarb, setar and daf) as well as a fascinating
and very innovative DJ (he uses records like a real time sampler mixing 
through guitar effects pedals) and electronic musician.  He even plays
electric guitar, bass and a little sitar.  He is also an incredible comic
book artist to boot.
He is very knowledgeable and can help anyone out to find music in this
fabulous record store that we are lucky enough to have in our
little burg by the Monterey Bay.