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RE: wierd question

Yeah, they put out some really cool compilation CDs so you can get a
sampling of all the different artists. I don't know about you, but I would
rather do that and pick who I like than spend $18 on a CD to find out it's
not what I like.


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> wrote:
> > There is a very creative artist out of San Francisco
> > whose name is Cheb I
> > Shabbah who is doing a very cool blending of
> > looping, Indian and
> > MiddleEastern music.........i'd bet my bottom dollar
> > that is what you were
> > listening to.   He not only has a new record out but
> > he also has
> > a remix of the record out (I believe).
> Also you can check out this record label:
> http://www.sixdegreesrecords.com/
> They´re a SF based company and they have a really
> interesting catalog of world music (including Cheb I
> Shabbah), my favorites on that label are those under
> the Ziriguiboom label, really cool brazilian music
> mixed with electronica.
> Alex.
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