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Re: question on bowing

i use an ebow on hammered dulcimer with loops.  it's quite an eerie effect.
i've used it on a few album recordings--Beth Nielsen-Chapman's Deeper Still
(not out yet) and a couple from my band, Trapezoid, "Remembered Ways" and
"Long Time Down this Road."  since these are recordings and not live i
don't loop them.  i use the ebow quite a bit in loops in live shows.  i
also use the ebow on acoustic midi guitar which can be pretty wild
depending on the midi patch.  regualr bow would be problematic on both
instruments.  ebow works by creating a magnetic field that keeps the string
paul reisler
>i too saw pelt in d.c. --  any droners out there would love pelts use
>textures to create vivid and often atonal sound-scapes.   very "visual"
>im not sure who, but one of the members used a bow on a tambura...it
>sounded fantastic.
>question-  any loopers out there use a bow on non-bowed instruments?  or
>even non-instruments?  (your pet rats metal cage perhaps?)  ive always 
>intrigued by the orchestral saw and the waterfone (sorry for the
>spelling...)  anyone loopng a bowed 12' steel i-beam?
>i assume when using a bow on a standard 6 string guitar, one would need to
>build a 'arch' type bridge...  has anyone done this?
>sorry if this post seems elementary,
>"LEE, THANIEL I" <TLEE@IUSMail.IUS.Indiana.EDU> on 04/04/2001 12:41:24 PM
>Please respond to Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>To:   Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject:  pelt
>any one out there like pelt. i saw them live awhile back and i thought 
>rocked in a drone way. keenan lawler and pelt just made arecord together 
>rocks in a drone way to. it was recorded in a silo. -thaniel ion lee

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