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RE: Expression pedal with PMC10 & DL4

>Line666 is more like it, that is a RIDICULOUS price for an 
>expression pedal. You might want to check Small Bear Electronics or 
>New Sensor. (They'll show up in Google).

I concur, wholeheartedly...

and i'm the guy usually singing praise for Line6.  I was stupid 
enough to buy it from their website and wait 6 weeks for it.  when i 
opened the box, i almost fell over.  not exactly what you would call 
sturdy.  kindof like a cheap EV5.

believe me, if someone broke into the house, you wouldn't want to 
bash 'em over the head with this...now that ernie ball pedal, on the 
other hand...hmmm....


i like that...

also, don't expect magic with an exp. pedal controlling the DL4.  it 
works, and it really opens the pedal up...but it's been a frustrating 
ride for me ever since.  YMMV.