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Re: question on bowing


can you be a bit more specific about the ebow on the hammered 
dulcimer?  Where abouts do you hold it in relation to the bridge(s)? 
can you use it on all of the registers?  interesting 
application...never thought of doing that one...till tonight, that 
is.  thanks.


>i use an ebow on hammered dulcimer with loops.  it's quite an eerie 
>i've used it on a few album recordings--Beth Nielsen-Chapman's Deeper 
>(not out yet) and a couple from my band, Trapezoid, "Remembered Ways" and
>"Long Time Down this Road."  since these are recordings and not live i
>don't loop them.  i use the ebow quite a bit in loops in live shows.  i
>also use the ebow on acoustic midi guitar which can be pretty wild
>depending on the midi patch.  regualr bow would be problematic on both
>instruments.  ebow works by creating a magnetic field that keeps the 
>paul reisler