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Re: many questions

thanks  for the advice, I will especially check out the used hardware,
great advice. I have never used e-bay befor but why not check it and the
newsgroups out. My wallet feels better already, hmmm, now maybe a sweet
reverb unit. hehe

help somebody stop me! jeff

> >2.I need a road case for my rack gear w/ a mixer.
>  Any advice?
> >
> >3.A power conditioner for the rack.

>  >   I don't know if anyone will agree with me on this, but I find eBay
> a *very* good resource for cheap gear if you know what you're looking
> for & how to buy.
>   >  Also check out the newsgroups
>    > For stuff like racks, stands, hardware, it just makes more sense
> (to me, at least) to buy used.
>     As for power conditioners,
>     I encourage you to at least check out sources of used gear.
> There's no reason to pay double to some chain for some metal &
> plastic - but know your shit before you buy anything. I can help if
> you want. Good luck!
>                                                   - Mike